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 .Pink cloudingor Pink Cloud Syndromeis a stage many recovering addicts experiences when they first go into recovery.  When you’re in this phase, you feel confident and excited about recovery..

The pink cloud (Pink Clouding) can also be seen as a kind of natural high and defense mechanism, which helps people ignore all the familial, financial and legal issues that they have to deal with.

In addiction recovery, the “pink cloud (Pink clouding)” is a term used to describe a high-on-life feeling in one’s journey to recovery. The pink cloud (Pink clouding) won’t last forever. The Pink Cloud Syndrome is a curious but often short-lived phenomenon.The pink cloud phenomenon is an individual process

Pink Cloud Syndrome is risky because being irrational is a major obstacle to addiction recovery.

It’s basically when people get an emotional high once they’ve and stop drinking for a long time you know they go they get it buzz. Now one of the things about drinking alcohol or taking any drug is that’s the longer you take the drug the more and the more you become emotionally and Easter taste right.

so a lot of your emotions are suppressed because you are drinking right. A lot of people drink because they want to suppress their emotions and many emotions are and they’re sort of suppressed not deliberately but because of the drug, you know you drink alcohol when you feel happy you drink it when you’re feeling and like you want to celebrate you know you drink it in different areas of your life.

you know one of the problems is that you know your emotions start to become intertwined with the alcohol you know so especially those happiness emotions and stuff the rest of them you know you find

a lot of your emotions become suppressed

because as soon as you feel an emotion coming up you drink to suppress it and eventually those emotions do become suppressed you stop being able to feel all of these things you know I only realize this and when I was but I

stopped drinking alcohol.

My story

I drank at certain times of my life right when I tried to suppress

emotions and you know it just doesn’t work like for instance and when something happened wrong, I try to suppress that emotion and

you know there was no way that emotion is just to rise to deep.

it’s just such a big emotion grief that you know it’s impossible to suppress it

and you know it does dampen it a bit it


the overall feel you know and but I

think a lot of my grief was to do with

the fact that I was a drinker anyway you

know a lot of the pain that I felt you

know I couldn’t deal with it any other

the way I didn’t know how to deal with that

any other way so I did drink a lot and me

think that you know it just suppressed a

lot of it but it made a lot of bit worse

you know and it made the process of

grieving lasts a lot longer than it

should have done and but as I say you

know sometimes your emotions it takes a

a long time before you you start these

emotions start to reappear after you’ve

quit drinking not too much time you

know like and I think once you get over

the fact that you don’t need alcohol to

have fun and that you can get

out there and you do go out there and

you take the actions to push yourself

out and to have that fun and then you

start to realize that you can have much

more fun without alcohol you know you

can have much more happiness you know

without having to drag yourself up and

and that there the alcohol was although

it has an appearance of giving you fun

and it’s a type of fun that you lose

over you lose all the time it diminishes

over time it’s like you know the fun

dimension so slowly that it’s you know

that’s why they say the alcohol is so

insipid is because it takes over very

very slowly it doesn’t take over

overnight you know it’s not like some of

the other drugs that are out there that

you know you really feel that you’re

going downhill very quickly once you’re

taking these drugs but with alcohol it’s

a very slow process because you know

that’s part of the incipit nature of

alcohol is that it does take a long time

before you realize that certain things

that happening you know it takes a long

the time before you know it’s a

the slow-burning thing you know the

the happiness that you feel before you start

drinking that doesn’t disappear

straightaway it starts to happen very

slowly you know and when we started

drinking at the beginning we’re using

alcohol as a tool in order to and help

us to overcome certain things in

ourselves that we haven’t yet learned

the skills off right socializing for

the instance or not being shy or that kind of

you know so we use alcohol as a way of

sort of dampening down those in order to

lift up the other part of ourselves and

you know and over time the happiness

levels drop and drop and drop drop drop

so you don’t realize how much your

happiness levels have been affected

right and it’s only when you stop and

you get away from it and you start

having fun real fun outside of alcohol

that you start to to to understand how

much alcohol was actually suppressing

you and suppressing your phone and me

think this is part of the pink cloud

syndrome now I don’t like this word pink

cloud syndrome right it’s happiness for me is it’s going back to my previous

levels of happiness or finding different

levels of happiness and unknown

understanding myself how alcohol has

been surprising me right and you know

that’s just a natural happiness

that you have in you so don’t you give

it a name of a syndrome right for another thing you know just makes me laugh you

know it’s just one of these things that

people sort of they love to do you know

they love to say yeah I’ve been sober so

long you know I’m in recovery all these

alcohol terms right I think they’re just

the more damaging than anything else you

know they say move as far away

and as quickly from the alcohol as you

can right and move into your

new life as quickly as and speedily and

as totally as you can and that means

going away from these terms like pink

cloud syndrome or post alcohol

withdrawal syndrome or you know any of

those types of things right you want to

try and move as fast as you can

away from those things don’t you know

make very create more obstacles than you

then then you have in the first place

you know and I understand all of this

you know I understand where it’s coming

from you know it’s sort of it’s for

people who and get onto this pink cloud (pink clouding) and

they think that they’re so happy now and

they’ve overcome all the problems that

they think that they can go back to

drinking alcohol and they’ve got control

over it right I’ll be going back to a drug

that you’ve got control of it and you know for me it’s sort of like I saw

like saying yeah he’s a dry drunk.  you know what kind of a feeling you know

you’re still somebody

still attaching you to the alcohol and

probably somebody who’s still taking

alcohol might still be drinking this stuff

you know it’s saying about you are you

but you’re a drunk I’ve heard that said

about me a few times you know that might

happiness is because I’m a dry drunk

you know how bad is that you know

but if somebody else’s perception what

I’m saying is that you know if you’ve

got a reason why you’ve got your reason

why you’re doing this firmly in your

brain right and you’ve got it at the

the forefront of your mind and you know what

you’re aiming towards then you

shouldn’t need any of these things you

know you shouldn’t need to you know any

any happiness that you’ve got is because

you’re moving forward right you know

that alcohol is a part of your past

right this is something which and it’s a

the way I say you know to try and move yourself

into a position right where you cannot

go backward right that you know that if

you take a drink again if you try and

push yourself back into that lifestyle

again that you are going to be ruining

everything everything that you’ve worked

for everything all the hard work that

you put in is going to be in vain once

you understand that about this this

whole journey that alcohol has been

suppressing you suppressing your

emotions suppressing your life so press

on all the good things that you wanted

to do in your life alcohol is largely

responsible for and a lot of that

suppression and B that is all the hard

work that you’re putting into now into

achieving something good in your life

once you’ve stopped drinking alcohol

then if you go back to that behavior

that all that suppression is going to

start all over again you know and maybe

even worse right so remember that what

you focus on is what you get the right focus

on your future focus on what it is out

there in your future that you want to

get ahold of the person that you want to

be right the life that you want to live

I focus on the goals that you want to

achieve in life and focus on your big

the reason why you know once you have that

a big reason why and firmly place in your

head and it’s firmly there in front of

everything that you do then you’ll never

go back in so

The Pink Cloud (Pink Clouding) Of Happiness

in pink cloud ( Pink Clouding) syndrome now I don’t get it. you know it’s just happiness for me I just feel you know but I don’t feel over the moon most of the time but I fell over the moon much of the time which is a lot to say to be said for and the way I was before I stopped drinking on I’ll stop it there.

I’m Jeet Datta for bloggingsirtips.com

take care of yourself keep the alcohol at your mouth onwards and upwards, take care

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