Karan is talking to other people. When he leaves the conversation, he suddenly bumps into a person who has a gun in his bag. Then the person starts blaming for the push,  Karan also starts quarreling with the man. Then, a friend of the person who has a gun stops them and runs away from the place.

kundali bhagya latest episode
when the man started blaming Karan

Preeta and Janki also reached the hotel. Preeta heads up to the hotel, where she would meet her client. At that time Janki sees Karan’s car parked in the basement. She thought that Preeta might come here to meet Karan.

Janki walks to the hotel to meet Karan and to know the reason for destroying their family. She started walking to the hotel and stopped, thinking about Preeta’s wish of starting a new life. For that reason, she cursed Karan and said he will never be happy.

At that time, Karan was looking very anxiously at the rooms, he received a call, immediately leaves. At that time Prithvi came from the back and thought that he would make Karan pay for everything that he has done to his life, then he gets a call from a person who was waiting for him in the basement.

Prithvi called him after reaching there. That man scares him from behind, so Prithvi started scolding him and warned him to do nothing such as they might get in trouble. He asked him for the weapon, said to him that he will kill Karan now. He also said him to keep the gun saying “ yeh tumhari hat mein hi jyada shova deta hai”. Then they leave the place.

Preeta reached the hotel asking at the reception saying that she had come to meet, she was asked to wait so Preeta sat in the sitting area. Karan also came there with his friend and was wondering when their coach will arrive. They were talking and suddenly Preeta heard Karan’s voice, looked back and got so emotional.

kundali bhagya latest episode
when Preeta became so nervous

Karan was sitting with his friend, and looked at a lady chef and complimented for her beauty, suddenly Preeta started walking away from the place and suddenly bumps into the lady chef who was her good friend. They started talking. After a little long conversation, her friend asked how her life was going and when she will invite her to meet his friend Karan, Preeta got peased off, At that time the lady chef notices her mangal suture and annoyed why she had not invited her.

She explained to her that the marriage was not normal, that was very complicated. her suggested she move forward leaving her pas life.

Prithvi came to the entrance with his mam, he stopped him saying that it not a Dhaba, it is a five-star hotel. So they might be caught by the metal detector. The man denies and said he knows everything to tackle. Then he proceeds and called the security guard and gave him money but he notices the gun and he called out others and took him inside a room.

Preeta is with her friend saying that when Vikram has come back to her then why is the reason she is not going back, Preeta says that she has to understand what happened between the both of them as they were madly in love, she exclaims that Vikram is a famous person and so there is a story being constructed on their life, which anyone can seem, Preeta explains that she has heard of it and so will definitely see it.

kundali bhagya latest episode

There is a man talking on the phone, the robbers come and put a gun on him, he says that the person is also his men, and that why are they more than four as his plan cannot work, Raga says that they are also with them now, they are the reason he got out of jail as otherwise it would have been really difficult, the planted guy explains that he used to work in a bank and would always give them details of the money transaction which they would rob after which the amount would be separated, but his bosses got suspicious so he had to leave his job and find a new work, which he wants to continue, they assure him that everything will be according to plan also that they will be really rich soon. He provides them with the name and room number of the target.

Then Preeta met with Renuka Sharma. She immediately apologized for being late as her son was really irritating her and so they got late. Karan was sitting with his friend on another side. renuka’s son saw him and said shouted: “ Karan, the famous cricketer, mom I wanna meet him, please call him here”. And that Preeta became so anxious.

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 the main cast of Kundali Bhagya

Directed bySameer Kulkarni
Abhishek Kumar. R. Paul
Aman Varpe



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