Top 5 money making apps – best of 2019

Top 5 money making apps – best of 2019

Best apps to make money fast

If you are looking for the latest ways to make some added money, look no further than your smartphone. It is amazing how you can easily make money from your phone. Then I am going to share with you top money making apps. This list includes money making apps for both Android and IOS.

I personally earn money from the top 2 apps in the list and will also share with you 3 other legitimate money-earning apps. Out of all the apps I have used and researched, these are the winners. The apps I have chosen for 2019 will help you to earn the most money.

Best money making apps of 2019


Ebates is one of my favorite money-earning apps because you get cash back for things you are going to purchase anyway, as long as you do it through their app. but how? Stores pay Ebates a commission with you, so you both win.

I have made over $300 from shopping online through Ebates. When I know I want to buy something and I don’t need it right away, I buy it online to take advantage of my Ebate perks. This money making app is accessible both for android and IOS.

  1. dosh

Dosh is a needful cash back app, I absolutely love it. It is all “ passive income “ and all you need to do is link your credit/debit card and it will automatically give you cash back when you shop, eat, travel and more at participating local and national merchants.

  1. Swagbucks             

Swagbucks is a money earning app that will pay you to take surveys, watch videos, search the web, refer friends and test products. This application will not make you rich but it is an easy way to make some extra money.

  1. healthy wage

HealthyWage is a money making app supported by the government to encourage people to lose weight by putting their own money at risk with the potential to earn up to $10000.

How does it work?

  • Start with the healthyWage prize calculator. Enter how much weight you want to lose, how long you will take to lose it, and how much you want to bet a mouth for that period of time.
  • The calculator determines your prize amount. Up to $10000 you can play around with the calculator until you get your desired amount.
  • Sign up and agree to pay a monthly amount for the duration of the challenge.
  • Accomplish your weight-loss goal and win your prize.

If you can’t accomplish your goal, your money goes to support healthy wage, including prizes for others who achieve their goals.

  1. Instacart

                                              Do you want to make money in a speedy way? Consider Instacart and get paid for doing something you do almost every week, grocery shopping.

You can easily make $100 or more per day in just 3 hours. This is one of the best apps to make money fast.




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